Platoon / Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada

DVD - 1:59:30
above: the first 14 minutes (the introduction of Satin’s Manual) of the film with subtitles

An intervention into the English subtitles of Oliver Stone’s Platoon. The regular subtitles have been replaced with text from Mark Satin’s 1968 underground besteller Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada. The manual – a how-to for draft dodgers – sold over 65,000 copies by mail from Toronto and inspired many copies and knock-offs. The intervention into the film is subtle. The film can still be watched in its standard form, without subtitles, without a noticeable change. It is only when the English subtitles are enabled that the intercession is apparent.

Gareth Long - Platoon/Manual For Draft-Age Immigrants to CanadaGareth Long - Platoon/Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada